[Chimera-users] Walking through a protein

Daniel Gurnon danielgurnon at depauw.edu
Fri Sep 10 11:51:23 PDT 2010

Hi everyone,
Coot has an easily implemented way of "walking" through a peptide chain. It
works like this:
>From the drop down menu, choose "go to atom", pick the first residue. The
view zooms to the first residue.
Now hit the space bar, and the view smoothly advances to the next residue in
the chain. Hold shift-space, and it smoothly moves back.

Having an easy way to smoothly transition the view from one residue to the
next would would be useful in Chimera. From my perspective it would be great
for teaching, but I would think a simple way of walking along the backbone
would be generally appreciated. I imagine this feature would be easy to
construct with a Python script, maybe using the "fly" or "focus" commands.
I'm not sure how to tie this to a keystroke, but an alternative is to give
the function a toolbar button.

If this capability doesn't already exist, could someone provide some advice
on writing the script? I'm only just learning Python.
Thanks for the help


Daniel Gurnon, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
DePauw University
Greencastle, IN 46135

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