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Nadir T. Mrabet Nadir.Mrabet at medecine.uhp-nancy.fr
Mon Nov 22 10:31:38 PST 2010

Hi Greg,

Well I am trying to get feed-back from colleagues with hands-on 
experience with 3D DLP as a support for teaching and/or small-group 
Please, could anyone answer my (practical) question regarding which 
beamer has worked best, in their hands, for a 30-50 people conference room.
Later on, after I've got an answer on that, then I will perhaps address 
a new question regarding glasses.
Many thanks in advance.


PS: Thanks Greg. May I say the actual spelling is "Bonne chance" as luck 
is a "feminine" word in French (with all due implications).

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On 22/11/2010 09:37, Greg Couch wrote:
> Hi Nadir,
> Definitely investigate the ViewSonic products, but from their website, 
> it is unclear what 3D-ready means to ViewSonic.  You'll need to talk 
> to a salesman.  My guess is that they only work with the NVIDIA 3D 
> Vision active glasses and if so, for a large audience, you'd would 
> need the more expensive NVIDIA 3D Vision PRO glasses (they use RF 
> instead of IR) for people in the back to reliably see the stereo 
> images (alternatively, you would need several IR stereo emitters to 
> fill the whole room -- just like a movie theater, don't get stuck 
> behind the big guy).
> Presumably you have a conference room that you would like to put the 
> projector in.  I'd recommend having DepthQ bring a demonstration 
> system to that room and show you stereo images (eg., a 3D movie) and 
> where they think the farthest reasonable sitting position is.  Then 
> you can stand at the back and the sides of the room to see for yourself.
>     Bon Chance,
>     Greg
> On 11/20/2010 5:28 AM, Nadir.Mrabet at medecine.uhp-nancy.fr wrote:
>> Hi Matt,
>> Thanks for your input.
>> First, I should correct my ealier statement: DepthQ sells Christie's 
>> products
>> but does not manufacture them.
>>  From your mail, I understand that 30 people is the largest audience 
>> you can pack
>> using the 3D with DepthQ, otherwise correct me please.
>> Active stereo glasses 'Xpand' cost around $100, now, but battery 
>> replacement can
>> indeed become costly over time.
>> What sort of tricks have you been able to collect over your 15+ years 
>> experience
>> to implement stereo correctly.
>> I hear elsewhere that the ViewSonic DLP beamer (~$1400) might be a 
>> better option
>> and that it is worthless spending more money.
>> GREG- I also need your input.
>> Best,
>> Nadir

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