[Chimera-users] Write out frames, but the complete movie

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Thu Nov 4 11:38:22 PDT 2010

Hi Petr,

   That's a hard way to make the movie showing side by side rotating 
models.  Chimera can rotate each model about its own center using 
"independent" center of rotation mode.  Enable this with command "cofr 
independent", move one model away from another "move x 20 model #1", and 
rotate them "turn y 3 120" (3 degree steps, 120 steps).

   Here's how to get movie frames if you still want to know.  If you add 
to your "movie encode" command the option "resetMode keep" then the 
image files will not be deleted after encoding.  To specify where to put 
the image files use the "directory /tmp/images" option to the "movie 
record" command, otherwise a temp directory is used and you won't be 
able to find the images.


> Hi,
> A backward question: Is it possible to write out a movie as a set of frames?
> I would like to show several structures rotating side by side and the
> simplest way I can think of is to collage frames using imagemagick and
> create a new video stream with mencoder.
> Many thanks,
> Petr

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