[Chimera-users] Color sub-region with marker

Xiaofeng Fu xiaofeng at brandeis.edu
Tue Nov 2 11:47:06 PDT 2010

Dear Chimera users,

I always have problems when I color a sub-region of density map by markers. Rather than a zigzag, boundary, I try to create a smooth curve boundary of sub-region from a whole density 3D volume. In this case, if I just put one marker and select a big coloring radius, the boundary in cross-view will show a circle curve at the boundary, however if I use a very small coloring radius and put more and closer markers on the boundary, the boundary shows a sawtooth in cross-view, even I choose 4 times for subdividing surface. Or is there any other way to do this instead of markers? And I have several other questions:
(1) Is that possible to have different coloring radius in one Chimera session?
(2) except for ball shape, can we have more options on the coloring object with markers? For example rectangular, ellipse and so on.
(3) Is that possible to put markers directly on the clip planes?

Thanks in advance,

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