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David Bhella d.bhella at mrcvu.gla.ac.uk
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I think the problem here is that the capsid of equine arterivirus is most likely not icosahedral...
Terje Dokland's group performed cryo-electron tomography on the related arterivirus PRRSV (PMID 19218197). Those data showed no evidence of an icosahedral core.


On 27 May 2010, at 00:30, Tom Goddard wrote:

Although PDB 2i9f is a virus nucleocapsid protein the crystal did not contain whole or partial capsids so the capsid organization was not determined from the crystallography.  How do I know that?  I displayed the unit cell using the "Make Copies" button in the Unit Cell dialog (menu Tools / Higher-Order Structure).  There are 8 copies in the unit cell in a clearly non-capsid arrangement.

I do not know if there is other experimental data which determines the capsid arrangement for this virus.  Would need to look at the associated journal article.


> On May 25, 2010, at 10:39 PM, 江一波 wrote:
>> hello meng!
>> how can i construct a virus by chimera?
>> i have get a   nucleocapsid protein  about  a virus  from 
>> http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/results/results.do?outformat=&qrid=9B6E87D9&tabtoshow=Current
>> such as ,i get ID :2I9F structure...one of a nucleocapsid for a virus ...this is symmetrical structure!
>> i want construct a virus ...how can i do?   is there somethings  paper  about  how to construct ?
>> thank you!!!
> Sometimes the PDB file will include matrix information needed to build the capsid.  If it does, you can use the Chimera tool "Multiscale Models" to show the whole thing.  However, the authors of this structure (2I9F) did not include the necessary information in the PDB file.
> Next I tried to see if that structure is in VIPERdb, which would also allow showing the whole thing in Chimera.  However, when I tried "File... Fetch by ID" and entered 2i9f for the VIPERdb database, it was not found.
> Sorry, I don't have any ideas about how to make a whole capsid from this structure.
> A different structure that does include the information is 1POV.  If you open that one, then start Multiscale Models (under Tools... Higher-Order Structure) and click the "Make models" button near the bottom, it will show the whole capsid.
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