[Chimera-users] Volume covered by a group of atoms

Miguel Ortiz Lombardia miguel.ortiz-lombardia at afmb.univ-mrs.fr
Sun May 9 22:14:15 PDT 2010

Dear all,

I would like to represent as a volume the space that would be covered by a set of atoms that are bound by "torsionable" bonds when one systematically modifies those torsion angles. An example would be the side-chain of an amino acid; imagine I would like to have a glimpse of what part of the space could be occupied by that side-chain. As a first approximation I wouldn't care about clashes.

I would appreciate if someone can point me to an existing way of obtaining such representation or to an algorithm that could be implemented within chimera (which I would be happy to share with other interested people; if I manage to code it, that's it!)


-- Miguel

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