[Chimera-users] Ensemble Cluster via command line

Jan H. Löhr loehr at chemie.uni-hamburg.de
Fri May 7 03:08:30 PDT 2010

Dear Chimera users,

I have been using the Ensemble Cluster tool to cluster a set of PDB-files.
Now I would like to do this via command line or python script without GUI in
order to run it multiple times.
However, it seems the Ensemble Cluster tool cannot be used via command line.
The only thing I have been able to is to load it up with 'start Ensemble
Is there a way to access the tool via command line?
Or is there a way to record my mouse actions and translate them to

Here are the steps I am trying to do:

Load PDB-file (multiple models in it)
Start Ensemble Cluster
Parts to Match: :xxx-yyy	(optional)
Write List of modelnames/cluster

This can be done by mouse, but apparently not by commandline, can it?

Thank You

Univ. Hamburg, Germany

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