[Chimera-users] Sequential stereo

Daniel Hitchcock daniel.hitchcock at mail.chem.tamu.edu
Wed May 5 08:47:39 PDT 2010


My advisor was interested in setting up a large display (52" screen) 
with a computer controlling it for viewing and presentation of 
structures in chimera. I have been commissioned to purchase the 
hardware, and naturally I want to take it a step further.

With new "3D Ready" LG and Samsung displays (as opposed to regular 
 >120Hz displays) they supposedly have an extra chip to properly sync 
with an incoming 3D signal from a device, be it a bluray player or 
whatever. Nvidia has begun to work on their system and promises a 
software update to their 3Dvision line which would allow for the 
native signal to be sent to the screen as opposed to just sending a 
sequential 2D signal. My questions (if that all made sense),

1. Is there or will there be support for nvidia's 3d Vision line? We 
will be running windows 7 and the program itself will be run in 
windowed mode probably, not always full screen.

2. If that does not work, what would be the best recommendation for 
some sort of stereoview (prefereably sequential) on a large LCD or 
plasma display?

Thanks for the help!
-Daniel Hitchcock

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