[Chimera-users] Chimera crashes on my mac even after a reinstall

David Chenoweth dcheno at MIT.EDU
Tue Mar 23 16:42:31 PDT 2010


I recently downloaded a new version of Chimera (Mac OS X (Cocoa, Intel, 64-bit)MD5: e54f53e4313817e26dbc68450bd5312d) and it's been running great until today. After using the program all day it finally crashed just as I was trying to save a session and I didn't get the crash message. I restarted the program and as soon as I tried to open a file the program crashed. I tried shutting my computer down and this didn't help so I deleted that version of chimera from my computer and downloaded it again. After reinstalling the program I still have the same problem and now I'm a bit stumped! I have a lot of work saved in session files from today and I can't seem to get the program to run at all. I am using a new 15 inch Macbook pro (OSX 10.6.2). Any suggestions?

David Chenoweth
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow
Swager Research Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Email: dcheno at mit.edu
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