[Chimera-users] load pdb files from local PDB mirror

Mark Moll mmoll at cs.rice.edu
Tue Mar 2 09:05:08 PST 2010

I have a local mirror of all PDB structures (as pdb files). It’d be nice if Chimera could use this, but it seems that Chimera expects a “flat” directory structure rather than the hierarchical directory structure of the PDB. For example, on my machine the pdb file for 1ady is stored in ${HOME}/pdb/ad/pdb1ady.ent.gz, but when I fetch by ID, the file will not be found. Instead, Chimera will download the file and save it in ${HOME}/pdb/PDB/1ADY.pdb.

Is there some way to handle both cases (flat & hierarchical directory structure)? 

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