[Chimera-users] SAXS Profile

yann sterckx yann.sterckx at vib-vub.be
Tue Jul 13 09:39:04 PDT 2010

Connecting to Apache Tomcat via the first link seems to have solved the problem


On 12 Jul 2010, at 19:24, Elaine Meng wrote:

> This _may_ be a firewall issue.  Right now, for web services to work, you need to be able to access both TCP port 80 and 8080.  Try accessing
> http://webservices.rbvi.ucsf.edu:8080/
> from your browser and see if you get an "Apache Tomcat" page.  If so, the firewall is not the problem.  If you get a timeout, then you will need to poke a hole through your firewall for port 8080 to host "webservices.rbvi.ucsf.edu".
> We're working on configuring our web service to use only the http port (TCP port 80), but I'm not sure how soon that will happen.
> Conrad
> On Jul 9, 2010, at 12:40 PM, yann sterckx wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I'm trying to run the SAXS Profile Option in Chimera, but it doesn't seem to work properly. Every time I try to run the option, I get the following error message.
>> Error processing trigger "check for changes":
>> HTTPError: HTTP Error 504: Gateway Time-out
>> File "/Applications/Chimera.app/Contents/Resources/lib/python2.6/urllib2.py", line 516, in http_error_default
>>  raise HTTPError(req.get_full_url(), code, msg, hdrs, fp)
>> See reply log for Python traceback.
>> I work in Snow Leopard. Can anybody help me out?
>> Thanks,
>> Yann
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