[Chimera-users] Rename atoms...and chains, residue numbers

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Jan 28 17:13:09 PST 2010

Hi Jonathan,

   I added renaming chains and renumbering residues to the Chimera 
feature requests list.


I also have needed this on many ocassions.


> Hi-
> Following up on this, I'd like to offer a feature request regarding
> structure editing.
> Two of the most common tasks I need to do when constructing a model
> are: renaming the chains in the structure, and renumbering stretches
> of residues. I can imagine two menu items similar to
> "Actions->Atoms/Bonds->Delete" named "Set chain ID..." and "Renumber
> residues from..." that could operate on the current selection.
> I suspect these menu options (or something similar, maybe under
> "structure editing"?) would be helpful to many folks. It could be a
> lot faster / easier than generating the right awk line or venturing
> into Emacs' PDB-mode. :-)
> Would this be difficult to implement?
> Thanks for considering it,
> -Jonathan

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