[Chimera-users] Compatibility of Chimera with MacOS 10.4.11. PPC

Arwid.Bierbach Arwid.Bierbach at t-online.de
Fri Jan 22 03:00:22 PST 2010

Ldies and Gentlemen,

The Chimera version

Mac OS X (Aqua, PowerPC) chimera-alpha-osx_ppc_aqua.dmg
Size: 73241868 bytes
MD5: 39623fa9e0d9f4a869a4c985d45223bb Jan 22, 2010

is not compatible with G4 PPC Mac OS 10.4.11.

Do you plan to quit the G4 PPC OS 10.4.11. - Compatibility ????

With best regards,

Dr. Arwid Biebach, Germany

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