[Chimera-users] merging 3D volumes

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Tue Dec 14 11:10:54 PST 2010

  Hi Thomas,

   The command for this is "vop add" which allows you to add any number 
of maps on the grid defined by some map.

     vop add #1,2,5 onGrid #7

The problem comes when you don't already have a map with the desired 
resulting grid (number of planes, spacing, and location in space 
relative to other maps).  Unfortunately there is no simple way to 
produce an empty grid with your desired specifications.  I've been 
meaning to add a command to do this.  My current hack way to achieve 
this is to use the volume dialog Subregion Selection panel to drag a box 
for my new volume, rotate it, resize it as desired, and set the sample 
voxel size, and press Crop.  If I want the volume to contain all zeros I 
move the box to have no intersection with the original volume.

   I'll think about the command syntax, maybe a "vop zeros" command to 
make a new grid using typed parameters.  Maybe I can add this to the 
daily builds soon.  I'll let you know after some thinking.


> Hi,
> I was wondering, whether  a 3D map can be placed into a box with a user defined number or x/y/z planes ?  Ideally, I would like to place several 3D maps into boxes of the same dimensions and would like then to merge all maps into one 3D map file.  Is this possible ?
> Tx for your fast answer,
> Best,
> -Thomas
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