[Chimera-users] Chimera and Nvidia 3D vision

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Apr 19 11:16:25 PDT 2010

Hi Joern,

   The Chimera developer who knows this best, Greg Couch, is out today. 
  But in the past he has said that Chimera requires a Quadro card to 
work with the Nvidia lcd glasses because only the quadro cards support 
stereo-in-a-window that Chimera uses.  We have those glasses with a 
Quadro card and some version of Windows and a 120Hz Samsung flat-panel 
monitor and the stereo is the best I've seen -- bright and no ghosting. 
The non-quadro cards do only full-screen stereo used by video games.


> Hi there,
> I am wondering if anyone of you knows if I can use my
> Nvidia GTX295 together with the 3D vision glasses and a
> Samsung SyncMaster 120Hz screen to view 3D in Chimera using
> a Debian Lenny or a Windows 7 OS.
> About two years ago, Nvidia said they will support Unix systems
> with their glasses. However, up to now there is no news about that.
> Do you have any idea or even a way to get 3D on in Chimera using the
> hardware above ?
> Many thanks. Cheers,
> Joern

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