[Chimera-users] level of detail (vrml)

Damien Larivière damien.lariviere at fourmentinguilbert.org
Thu Apr 15 10:11:04 PDT 2010

Many thanks Greg for this reply!

The "problem" I face is the following:

Chimera enabled me to create an isosurface of a ribosome. Then a script 
in Matlab enabled me to compose a scene made of 290 ribosomes (in order 
to represent the crowding of the cytoplasm in E. coli) and to export in 
the vrml format: one ribosome is the geometry, all the others are 

When I open this 3D scene in Chimera, all is displayed quite 
instantaneously but the navigation within the scene is slow. So, LoD 
would have been a solution.

Do you think to something to make navigation faster? I could convert for 
example the scene in the Chimera format in order to benefit from the LoD 
capabilities of the software? In that case, I would need a part of 
chimera format/script to do the conversion (for instance, a script that 
instantiate a multiscale model in a given number of copies, at the right 
place and orientation).

My best regards


Greg Couch a écrit :
> Sorry, chimera does not support VRML's LOD node.  Looking at the 
> specification, it wouldn't be too hard to implement, just takes time.  
> So the question becomes, how important is it to you?  And would always 
> displaying the first node be okay?
>     Salut,
>     Greg
> On 4/15/2010 4:35 AM, Damien Larivière wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Chimera is able to display VRML file.
>> Is it able to display VRML file containing level of detail? (My first 
>> tentative was not a success but I do not think the file I used 
>> respected the format convention).
>> My best reagrds
>> Damien

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