[Chimera-users] mouse selection not working

lorenzo bongini at fi.infn.it
Wed Sep 30 15:40:10 PDT 2009

Hi everybody,
I just installed chimera-1.3-linux.exe on an atom netbook. The OS is
ubuntu 9.04. My problem is that the mouse selection tool does not work.
To complete the scenario I add a few details 
1) I don't have the green outline and setting Fill mode for selection
highlighting in Preferences does not work around the problem (probably
just a screen setting problem).
2) Other forms of selections work. For example by Select -> Chemistry ->
Element -> H and then by Actions -> Atoms/Bonds -> Delete I can delete
3) I cannot delete anything that I select by ctrl + mouse left button.
4) libgl1-mesa-glx and libgl1-mesa-dri are installed. 

Thanks for your attention

     Lorenzo Bongini

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