[Chimera-users] Zooming and orthographic projection mode

James Conway jxc100+ at pitt.edu
Fri Sep 11 12:45:28 PDT 2009

I am struggling a bit and would be interested in any pointers from the  
knowledgeable folk here. It seems that I cannot use the mouse to get  
arbitrarily close to a surface in orthographic mode, but I can in  
perspective mode. In orthographic mode (Viewing -> Camera ->  
Projection) if I try to zoom in, the camera instead moves in until the  
front surface clips, but without much actually zooming. (True for the  
different "Center of Rotation" methods). In the Viewing -> Side View  
panel, the width of the field is represented by red lines that I  
cannot control but which I really want to move close together.

According to the help for the Viewing -> Camera panel:

     horizontal field of view (allowed range 1.0-179.0°) - how much
        perspective is used; does not affect the orthographic
        projection. The vertical field of view will change along
        with the horizontal field of view, but their exact
        relationship depends on the aspect ratio of the graphics

In fact, with the nightly builds of 1.4 this parameter *does* affect  
the orthographic projection, and does zoom in (or out) without  
clipping. Is there an updated explanation of how this works, and if it  
has changed since 1.3 as I seem to find? Am I looking in the wrong  
place for help on nightly builds?


James Conway

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