[Chimera-users] Incompatibility between --nogui and viewdock scripting ?

Aurelien Grosdidier aurelien.grosdidier at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 02:10:19 PDT 2009

Dear all,

I'm trying to create a minimal chimera script that loads a PDB structure, then 
loads docking results (Dock format), saves the result and exits, as follows:

	open mystructure.pdb
	viewdock myresult.dock4 "Dock 4, 5 or 6"
	save result.py

This works perfectly, when I launch Chimera (1.4rc 32-bits on Kubuntu 9.04 
AMD64) :

	chimera --script mkview.com

However, when I try to get rid of the display by adding the --nogui switch, 
chimera crashes with the following stack trace:

	...Traceback (most recent call last):
	  File "CHIMERA/share/chimeraInit.py", line 425, in init
	    chimera.openModels.open(a, prefixableType=1)
	  File "CHIMERA/share/chimera/__init__.py", line 1439, in open
	  File "CHIMERA/share/Midas/ChimeraExtension.py", line 32, in func
	  File "CHIMERA/share/Midas/midas_text.py", line 101, in processCommandFile
	  File "CHIMERA/share/Midas/midas_text.py", line 132, in _processFile
	  File "CHIMERA/share/Midas/midas_text.py", line 64, in makeCommand
	  File "CHIMERA/share/ViewDock/ChimeraExtension.py", line 42, in cmdViewdock
	  File "CHIMERA/share/ViewDock/base.py", line 97, in __init__
	  File "CHIMERA/share/chimera/baseDialog.py", line 523, in __init__
	  File "CHIMERA/share/chimera/baseDialog.py", line 244, in __init__
	  File "CHIMERA/share/ViewDock/base.py", line 286, in fillInUI
	TclError: invalid command name "tix"
	Error while processing mkview.com:
	TclError: invalid command name "tix"

	  File "CHIMERA/share/ViewDock/base.py", line 286, in fillInUI

	See reply log for Python traceback.

Any idea / workaround ?


Aurélien Grosdidier
Molecular Modeling Group
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

PS: I already tried Xvfb with no luck (segfault, this might be a *buntu bug, 

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