[Chimera-users] Hiding command-line and undo move

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Oct 2 14:30:06 PDT 2009

Hi Cathy,

   Here is some info on request 1) and 2).

   I think there should be a way to hide the command-line that is 
present right on the command-line.  I'd suggest that the drop-down menu 
at the end of the command line that lists recent commands, and "Command 
History..." might have another entry at the bottom "Hide command-line". 
  The current method of hiding the command-line is using menu entry 
Tools / Command Line / Hide.  That Command Line entry only appears at 
the bottom of the Tools menu once you have shown the command-line.  Not 
exactly an intuitive place to find this capability.  To switch to using 
keyboard shortcuts when the command-line is active use the command "ac" 
(short for accelerators).  That is a command so you have to press the 
Enter key after it.  Then it will accept shortcuts even though the 
command-line is still shown.  If you want to hide the command line use 
the shortcut "hc" (hide command-line).  And if you just want to hide the 
command-line and don't want to enable shortcuts use the command "ac hc". 
  The ac command with arguments executes those arguments as shortcuts! 
Tricky eh?  It is not so enjoyable switching between shortcuts and 
commands but I do it all the time.  Here's one more tricky tip.  Often I 
use shortcuts mostly, then want to type a command, then return to 
shortcuts.  To do this use the one command shortcut "oc", then it lets 
you type one command and automatically returns you to shortcuts after. 
Now you know some real shortcut voodoo.

   I agree fit in map should have an undo button.  I'll see about 
getting that in next week.  What I do is have an "Undo Move" button on 
my Chimera toolbar.  Using Favorites / Preferences / Category Tools I 
click the "on toolbar" checkbutton for the Movement / Undo Move entry 
(also for the Redo Move entry) then press Save at the bottom of the 
dialog so that Undo Move is aways on your Chimera toolbar.  Of course it 
should just be on the fit in map dialog.

   I'll let others comment on your requests 3 and 4.


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> Dear Chimera Team,
> I have been using Chimera fairly intensively in recent days with good 
> success.   Just wanted to pass along a short list of features I wish 
> were available.
> (maybe some are already available in Chimera or there are workarounds 
> but I  haven't been able to figure them out...).  I'm using the current 
> production release (1.3) mac osx (X11).
> (1) A way "close" the command line at the bottom of the view window 
>  (among other reasons why one might want to do this, I can't figure out 
> how to get accelerator shortcuts to work after the command line is open).
> (2) An "undo" button for "fit in map"  (restore model to position before 
> fit)
> (3) Fine tuning of the "preset" views  -- interactive (ribbons) is 
> something I use frequently but I'd prefer a white background.
> (4) It is great to have the down and up arrow to narrow and broaden 
> selection, would be great if a final down arrow would lead to clearing 
> the selection.
> cheers,
> Cathy
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