[Chimera-users] Chimera question with Mac

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Nov 30 14:10:42 PST 2009

You can make an open TextEdit document into plain text with the "Make  
Plain Text" entry of the Format menu.


On Nov 30, 2009, at 2:07 PM, Thomas Goddard wrote:

> Hi Durga,
>  Your Chimera command script text file should be in plain text  
> format.  This is a minor pain in Mac TextEdit.  You have to use  
> TextEdit Preferences and under the New Document tab click "plain  
> text".  Then make a new document with File / New since the change to  
> plain text format does not effect already open TextEdit windows.   
> When you save the text file it will ask if you want the file to have  
> suffix ".txt" instead of the ".cmd" that Chimera wants.  Tell it to  
> use ".cmd" since that way Chimera will automatically recognize it as  
> a command script.
> 	Tom
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> Subject: [Chimera-users] Chimera question with Mac
> From: Durga Velukumar
> To: chimera-users
> Date: 11/26/09 7:25 PM
>> Hello,
>> I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia and I'm  
>> using your system, UCSF Chimera, for my powerpoint presentation.  
>> I'm having some problems with trying to create a movie. I have a  
>> MacBook Pro, which I just got this recent August, and downloaded  
>> the latest Chimera version for the Mac. I'm trying to save the  
>> commands in a separate file, like TextEdit, but I don't know what  
>> type of file to save it as. I'm hoping to be able to open the file  
>> through Chimera to play the movie. I tried saving the commands as  
>> "movie.cmd" but TextEdit is not allowing me to save that type of  
>> file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Thank you,
>> Durga
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