[Chimera-users] Apply rotation with precision

Damien Larivière damien.lariviere at fourmentinguilbert.org
Thu Nov 12 09:48:29 PST 2009

Dear Chimera team,

Once two pdb structures are opened, the command measure rot #1 #0 give 
the orientation of one structure with respect to the other one under the 
form of:

Position of 1Wxx_chB1.pdb (#0) relative to 1Wxx_chB1.pdb (#1) coordinates:
  Matrix rotation and translation
     0.99727151   0.01713873   0.07180395  46.50921950
    -0.01715871   0.99985272  -0.00033862   3.66357812
    -0.07179918  -0.00089436   0.99741871  15.01300748
  Axis  -0.00376406   0.97263698  -0.23229967
  Axis point 231.74603365   0.00000000 -638.91369622
  Rotation angle (degrees)   4.23351417
  Shift along axis  -0.09924878

Let's suppose that I want to decrease the rotation angle from 4.233° to 
0.5°: I can use "Movement" and select the model to be rotated in order 
to do that with the mouse but I will not be accurate. Is there way to do 
such rotation with precision?

Thank for your help


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