[Chimera-users] POV-RAY tracing in Mac OSX (a workaround)

Miguel Ortiz Lombardia miguel.ortiz-lombardia at afmb.univ-mrs.fr
Wed May 20 06:26:08 PDT 2009


I'm almost sure that this problem has been reported here... but  
couldn't find anything about it.
When I try to ray-trace [Chimera 1.3 build 2572 (Darwin/aqua)] I  
consistently get this error:

File Context (5 lines):
   object {
    text {
     ttf "verdana.ttf" "$" 0.01, 0
Parse Error: Cannot open font file.

It appears even if I have no labels on the image.
I managed to solve the problem but only when I asked for the povray  
intermediate files not to be deleted and then manually edit them:

A) image.ini file:

I changed the line:




B) image.pov file:

All calls to verdana.ttf were changed to FreeSans.ttf

It would be great if you point me to an easier solution or if you  
could make such changes in the code.


Miguel Ortiz Lombardía
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