[Chimera-users] label font size

Soumya Ghosh (Systembiologie) ghosh at wzw.tum.de
Thu May 14 05:46:38 PDT 2009

Dear Dr. Elaine C. Meng,
Thanks a lot for your kind help. It really worked nicely.Can I afford to have some more questions. When I put my protein in the CHIMERA, I get the 3D module of it and it exhibits the α-helices and the ß-sheets very nicely. Now if I want to highlight the aminoacids that are specifically on the surface of the N -terminal or the amino acids that specifically embedded in the core, is there any provision to that. I tried with the Action; surface; show. With these commands it is visible that a structure appears that cover sometime the loops/helices/sheets fully or partially. Now my problem is, that is the sructure which is visible is it the surface? The amino acids  which are highlighted are also from the surface? Can you kindly help me in this regard.

Thanks with regards,


Elaine Meng wrote ..
> Dear Soumya,
> The font size settings in "2D Labels" and "Color Key" (these are two  
> tabs on the same dialog) affect only 2D labels and color key labels.   
> If you are just showing the regular 3D labels that rotate along with  
> your structure, the font size is controlled in the Preferences (in  
> menu, Favorites... Preferences): change to category "Background" and  
> adjust "Label font" settings.  Then remember to click Save if you  
> want this change to apply to later uses of Chimera.
> I hope this helps,
> Elaine
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> On May 8, 2009, at 9:07 AM, Soumya Ghosh (Systembiologie) wrote:
> > Dear Chimera,
> > Thanks for giving such a wonderful software for molecular  
> > modelling. I am a PhD student in Germany and using the CHIMERA  
> > programme for my molecule. I want to increase the font and the font  
> > size of the highlighted amino acid in my protein and thats why I  
> > was trying in the  Command: Tools - Utilities - Colour key where  
> > there is a option for font size but so far remain unsuccessful. Can  
> > you kindly advise me how I should proceed.
> >
> > Waiting eagerly for your kind reply,
> > Soumya Ghosh,
> > TUM, Freising,
> > Germany

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