[Chimera-users] Problem adjusting sphere quality in script

Marhoefer, R (Richard) richard.marhoefer at sp.intervet.com
Mon Mar 16 08:11:32 PDT 2009

Dear Chimera Users,

I want to adjust the quality of spheres, cylinders and ribbons in a script. From the moviemaking tutorial script I learned that I must use some lines of Python. Therefore, I used the code as found in the example:

import chimera
chimera.LODControl.quality = 20

When I open this script like in the tutorial, the value of "subdivision quality" in the "Effects" panel is indeed set to 20. However, the quality of spheres and cylinders remains untouched. From that point in time any further modifications of the value in the "Effects" panel do not have any effect.

If I change the value of "subdivision quality" in the "Effects" panel before opening the Python code, anything works fine.

Did anybody succeed with changing the sphere quality in a script?

Kind regards,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / With kind regards 

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