[Chimera-users] Question regarding saving PDB in Chimera

Pancera, Marie (NIH/VRC) [E] mpancera at mail.nih.gov
Mon Jan 5 11:13:59 PST 2009



I am using Chimera to fit coordinates into EM density.

However I have problems when I save with Chimera as the coordinates that
I am saving are not the one I see on the screen.


Here is what I do:


Save PDB

chose the folder

A file name

A file type

The model that I want to save, i.e the one I see on the screen

And then I have to select save relative to model, otherwise I am saving
the original molecule, the problem is that I am not sure relative to
which model I have to save it.

IS there an easier way to just save what I can see on the screen?



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