[Chimera-users] Multiscale model of RNAP : fibrous aspect

Sacha De Carlo sdecarlo at ccny.cuny.edu
Fri Feb 27 04:49:40 PST 2009


What do you mean by difficulties of creating surfaces?
I speak for a person coming from the cryo-em world, that T4 RNAP surface pretty much looks like a 4A 3D reconstruction based on cryo-EM data. Compare with Ludtke's GroEL structure at about 4 A (Ludtke et al., 2008, Structure 16:441-448).

Maybe compare with surface renderings of the 4A X-ray structure of holoenzyme by Murakami (Science, 2002) or the first x-Ray structure of RNAP2 at ~5A by Darst?
I am sure that the Chimera team will tell you more about how the surface is calculated, but it looks correct to me.

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