[Chimera-users] angles after match

julien(GWDG) jort at nmr.mpibpc.mpg.de
Wed Feb 25 08:54:39 PST 2009

Dear all,

thank you for the very nice software. I continuously like it.

I have the following problem.

For different molecules, I would like to know what are the 
transformation that link them.
I can do for example
match #0 #1
matrixget -

 From this matrix I have the rotation information and the translation 
I would like to extract the angles. For that I need to know what 
convention you used.
I guess those are Euler angles (?), but I need to know what is the order 
of rotation xyz, xzy...
Finally how do you get ride of the gimbal lock problem if you use Euler 

Thank you for your constant help.
(Sorry if this question is a duplicate)

many greetings


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