[Chimera-users] script command for writing out areaSAS attribute?

Julius Su jsu at caltech.edu
Thu Feb 5 07:52:40 PST 2009


  Does anyone know what script command could be used to output an 
"attribute assignment file" in Chimera, specifically for the areaSAS 

  I am trying to show how the solvent accessible surface area on various 
residues changes over the frames of a multitrajectory PDB file.  To do 
this I am trying to write a small script in "MD movie" that computes the 
solvent accessible surface for each frame, then outputs the areaSAS 

  I was previously able to do this by loading in all the PDB geometries 
at once, then using the "Render attributes by ..." dialog, but this 
method does not scale well to very large proteins (the program runs out 
of memory trying to compute all the surfaces at once).  Thus I am trying 
to do this task sequentially with a script.

  Thanks much!


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