[Chimera-users] lost focus wile rotating molecules after zoom-in

Sheng-Hung Wang gentamicin5 at yahoo.com.tw
Sun Dec 27 19:02:20 PST 2009

Dear Greg,

Sorry for that I did not describe the problem clearly. 
I'm using ver. 1.4 (build 29251) Chimera running on CentOS 5.x x86_64 Linux. I make a description here first and then I will try to report it through Help dialog. The term "lost focus" I have mentioned means that the centroid of molecule do not always be kept at the center of window. 

Condition #1.  Open a protein structure, and then click FOCUS from ACTIONS of the main menu without selecting anything. After doing zoom-in, rotation, and then zoom-out, the position of molecular centroid migrated.

Condition #2. Open a protein and it's ligand in the same session followed by opening MODEL PANEL dialog. Selecting ligand and then focusing it from MODEL PANEL dialog, you will find Chimera do not focus the ligand once molecules are rotated. However, it works fine while selection and focusing are done through main menu.


> I have not seen this problem. 
> Please use chimera's Help / Report a Bug dialog to report
> the bug so we'll have a record of what version of chimera
> you're having problems with and what graphics driver version
> you have and what operating system you're using.  With
> that information, we will try to reproduce your bug and if
> we can't, we will need to email you and ask a few questions
> to try and figure out why the bug occurs.  Once we can
> reproduce the bug, we can fix it.
>     Thanks for you help,
>     Greg
> On Fri, 25 Dec 2009, Sheng-Hung Wang wrote:
> > I notice that chimera lost focus while rotating
> molecules after zoom-in operation. Will this problem be
> solved in the future version?
> Shawn

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