[Chimera-users] [Chimera] #7448: show axes/major ellipses for thermal ellipsoids

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Dec 18 14:16:43 PST 2009

Hi Thomas,
	Thanks for pointing this out.  The implementation is kind of in the  
"shake-down cruise" stage and could have some problems initially.   
This was one of them.  Fixed now (in next daily build).  I increased  
the ellipse thickness from 0.001 angstroms to 0.01, so the visibility  
is better.  The size factor affects the other two dimensions, not the  
	Let me know of any other problems you run into, or improvements you'd  
like to see.


On Dec 18, 2009, at 1:07 AM, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Mitterfellner wrote:

> Hello!
>> #7448: show axes/major ellipses for thermal ellipsoids
> Thanks for the implementation of this feature! There's just one  
> thing: the major ellipses are displayed very thinly. The ellipse  
> size factor does not seem to change the size of the ellipses (I  
> supposed them to become larger than the ellipsoid with increased  
> scaling factor so that they extend beyond the surface). Can the  
> thickness or the size of the major ellipses be altered?

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