[Chimera-users] drawing elipsolids

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Dec 2 17:09:31 PST 2009

Hi Keren,

   There is currently no Chimera command to draw a generic ellipsoid. 
The natural command to do this would be "shape" which currently can draw 
spheres, cylinders, icosahedrons, ... but not ellipsoids.


The "measure inertia" command draws an ellipsoid matching the moment of 
inertia of specified atoms or surfaces.


Chimera can also draw thermal ellipsoids from anisotropic B-factors 
given in PDB ANISOU records.


Some Python code can of course make ellipsoids.

Let me know if you'd like the shape command enhanced to include 
ellipsoids and whether axes not aligned with x,y,z are needed.


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Subject: [Chimera-users] drawing elipsolids
From: Keren Lasker
To: chimera-users
Date: 12/2/09 3:36 PM

> Dear Chimera team,
> Is there a way to draw ellipsoids in Chimera. The ellipsoid is defined 
> by its center and 3 radii.
> Thanks  for your help.
> Best,
> Keren.

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