[Chimera-users] Re. Volume squeeze

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Apr 23 16:52:28 PDT 2009

Hi Priya,

   Sounds like the voxel size (grid plane spacing) in your map (MRC 
file) is not set.  Use the Coordinates panel in the volume dialog (menu 
Features / Coordinates) and set the voxel size value to the correct size 
in Angstroms for your map.  Then the scale of the map and PDB should 
match.  Look at the Fit in Map tool for aligning the two.



Priyaranjan.Bhakat at csiro.au wrote:
> Hi,
> I was trying to overlay two volumes one from PDB and other from single 
> particle reconstruction software EMAN (*.mrc). When I open EMAN 
> generated 3D volume and then PDB file, EMAN 3D volume got reduce. 
> However, when EMAN generated 3D volume is only in the 'volume viewer' 
> screen, there is no change. Furthermore, if I press 'center' tab of 
> 'volume viewer' volume became squeeze again.
> Alternatively, what the best way to overlay and compare two volumes.
> Thanks in advance for any clue,
> Priya
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