[Chimera-users] spider volumes look incomplete or sliced. Version Linux SUSE 10.2

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Apr 20 10:52:48 PDT 2009

Hi Tim,

  We have seen this before.  It is a bug in the old Mesa OpenGL library 
that comes with your Linux distribution.  The bug is specifically in the 
use of a high performance OpenGL feature called vertex buffer objects.  
The solution is to install a graphics driver from the video card 
manufacturer (nvidia or ati/amd).  This will also give 10x to 100x 
faster rendering because the manufacturer driver will use hardware 
acceleration where Mesa does all graphics calculation in software.  See 
our graphics driver bug web page for more details.


This bug is not specific to SPIDER maps and will effect all Chimera 
surfaces.  It did not occur in old Chimera versions which used older 
lower performance rendering methods.


booth at wadsworth.org wrote:
> Im having a problem with the latest Chimera version, as well as previous
> ones for linux2 platform.
> When loading spider volumes they are imcomplete and sliced. Anyone have
> any suggestions? A much older version build 2470 from 2007/11/15 runs just
> fine.
> Thanks.
> Tim Booth

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