[Chimera-users] making slow movie

Bala subramanian bala.biophysics at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 03:32:21 PDT 2009


I am using MD movie with chimera to see the motion of a single pdb
containing 25 models. I kept the play back speed at low value, then recorded
the movie. But the movie comes very fast. I guess there is no related
functionality between playback speed and the speed with which the movie is

1) How can i record a movie with low playback speed.

2) Is it possible to split the chimera screen in to two halfes or as
quadrants (like in sybyl) and then load the molecules wherever we want.
  Now why i need it ?.
 I have two pdb files (each consisiting of 25 models). If i can split the
chimera screen, i would like to load pdb1 left and pdb2 in rigth side using
MD movie, then record the movie. Any better idea than this to achieve the
same would be highly appreciated.

3) Kindly suggest me some better setting to record a movie with high clarity
based on your experience.

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