[Chimera-users] Colouring surfaces from EM density maps

David Bhella d.bhella at mrcvu.gla.ac.uk
Thu Sep 18 08:33:47 PDT 2008

I am looking at some rather noisy cryo-tomography data and I would  
like to create something akin to icosahedral and spherical sections,  
using different shapes (cylinders, ellipses etc). I have found  
spherical and icosahedral sectioning to be a valuable way to represent  
density and would like to use this in other types of structure. Is it  
possible to colour the surface of an imported VRML object in the same  
way as spheres and icosahedra are in the tools>volume data>surface  
colour dialogue? In my current chimera installation, VRML objects are  
not listed in this window....
The sort of effect I want to achieve is similar to that described here:
except that I want to use custom geometries....

Many thanks,

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