[Chimera-users] heavy black awful nuisance grid

Greg Couch gregc at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Sep 16 14:25:45 PDT 2008

Since this is no longer confined to a bug report.

Barry's problem isn't that he has a generic graphics card, but that he has 
never installed an OpenGL driver for the graphics card.  And so he is 
using the default lousy generic Microsoft one.  It may still be a bug in 
chimera, but the Microsoft OpenGL driver is not worth spending anyone's 
time debugging.

 	- Greg

On Tue, 16 Sep 2008, Tom Goddard wrote:

> Barry reports that supersample 1x1 did not remove the black grid on his
> Chimera images.
>    Tom
> Barry Lever wrote:
>> Tom: Thanks for suggestion- but alas it did not   resolve the
>> problem.  I have run Chimera on 3 computers, 2 give me this grid
>> problem, but the third works fine so the issue is not critical- I can
>> use the third computer for graphics. It has been suggested that the
>> problem relates to using a generic graphic video card on one of these
>> 'bad' computers
>> but I doubt this is the reason since previously this 'bad'  computer
>> did not give me a  black grid problem- but the problem may have arisen
>> when I upgraded to the latest version of Chimera.
>> Thanks for your thoughts
>> Barry
>> Thomas Goddard wrote:
>>> Hi Barry,
>>>   This is very likely a problem related to "supersampling", an option
>>> for producing higher quality images with Chimera.  You should try
>>> changing the supersample setting in the File / Save Image... dialog.
>>> I suspect 1x1 will not give the grid but the fonts won't look as good
>>> in the image.  The normal 3x3 setting makes an image 3 times larger
>>> in both dimensions then averages it down to your requested size.
>>> That smooths out jagged edges.  You can get a similar effect by using
>>> 1x1 (no supersampling) then make a bigger image and reduce its size
>>> in a photo editing program (photoshop, gimp).
>>>     Tom
>>> Barry Lever wrote:
>>>> AS a new user of Chimera, I apologize for asking what , for many of
>>>> you, is probably a trivial question.... initially when using Chimera
>>>> ,creating an image  (using pseudobond Reader)  and then saving an
>>>> image file, (save image) all worked well, but in the last couple of
>>>> days,  every time I save an image file in whatever mode (png, tif,
>>>> jpg etc), I get my image with a heavy black grid across it.(and on
>>>> two different computers).
>>>> I am using Chimera 1.254.  Is there a  simple fix- it feels like a
>>>> conflict.
>>>> I attach one of the images
>>>> Thanks for your help (Windows XP, SP3)
>>>> Barry
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