[Chimera-users] heavy black awful nuisance grid

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Sep 15 13:04:30 PDT 2008

Hi Barry,

   This is very likely a problem related to "supersampling", an option 
for producing higher quality images with Chimera.  You should try 
changing the supersample setting in the File / Save Image... dialog.  I 
suspect 1x1 will not give the grid but the fonts won't look as good in 
the image.  The normal 3x3 setting makes an image 3 times larger in both 
dimensions then averages it down to your requested size.  That smooths 
out jagged edges.  You can get a similar effect by using 1x1 (no 
supersampling) then make a bigger image and reduce its size in a photo 
editing program (photoshop, gimp).


Barry Lever wrote:
> AS a new user of Chimera, I apologize for asking what , for many of you, 
> is probably a trivial question.... initially when using Chimera 
> ,creating an image  (using pseudobond Reader)  and then saving an image 
> file, (save image) all worked well, but in the last couple of days,  
> every time I save an image file in whatever mode (png, tif, jpg etc), I 
> get my image with a heavy black grid across it.(and on two different 
> computers).
> I am using Chimera 1.254.  Is there a  simple fix- it feels like a 
> conflict.
> I attach one of the images
> Thanks for your help (Windows XP, SP3)
> Barry

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