[Chimera-users] trouble installing linux i386 executable

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Sep 15 11:46:56 PDT 2008

Hi Blake,
	_Seems_ like it should work.  Running from the directory with the  
Chimera installer, what is the output of the following commands:

	df .
	sudo pwd
	sudo ls -l
	sudo ls -ld .
	sudo ls -ld ..


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On Sep 10, 2008, at 2:33 PM, Blake Mertz wrote:

> Hi,
> My name is Blake, and I'm a postdoc at the U. of Arizona. I'm starting
> to use Chimera after using Pymol for a long time, but have had trouble
> getting it installed. After downloading the .exe file and changing it
> to an executable, here is the error message I get:
> blake at omega:~/Desktop$ ls -l chimera-1.2540-linux.exe
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 blake blake 97898302 2008-09-10 14:12 chimera-1.2540- 
> linux.exe
> blake at omega:~/Desktop$ sudo ./chimera-1.2540-linux.exe
> [sudo] password for blake:
> sudo: unable to execute ./chimera-1.2540-linux.exe: No such file or  
> directory
> There has to be something obvious I'm missing here, correct? I'm
> running Ubuntu v. 8.04, if that helps. Thanks, and talk to you soon.
> Blake
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