[Chimera-users] grid across graphic

Barry Lever blever at yorku.ca
Thu Sep 11 16:36:55 PDT 2008

AS a new user of Chimera, I apologize for asking what , for many of you, 
is probably a trivial question.... initially when using Chimera 
,creating an image  (using pseudobond Reader)  and then saving an image 
file, (save image) all worked well, but in the last couple of days,  
every time I save an image file in whatever mode (png, tif, jpg etc), I 
get my image with a heavy black grid across it.(and on two different 
I am using Chimera 1.254.  Is there a  simple fix- it feels like a 
Thanks for your help (Windows XP, SP3)
a low resolution example is appended

A B P Lever
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