[Chimera-users] importing general 3D models into Chimera

Jeff Triffo triffo at rice.edu
Tue Sep 9 12:36:12 PDT 2008

hi users,

I figure someone on this list has run across this before. I have been 
using a modeling/CAM tool - Rhino - to generate a 3D model that I would 
like to import into Chimera, if possible. Does anyone have a "best way" 
to go about doing this?

Rhino is a NURBS modeler that will export as .dxf or .dwg (AutoCAD), .ai 
(Adobe Illustrator), .fbx (MotionBuilder), .obj (Wavefront), .igs/.iges 
(IGES), .sat (ACIS), and .stl (Stereolithography). It also saves in its 
native format - .3dm - but that is a NURBS (openNURBS) format and I 
realize that Chimera does not render NURBS.

Of the export options above, having limited familiarity with 
Illustrator, I am unsure what the nature of "3D" is in that format.

thanks for any suggestions,


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