[Chimera-users] Renaming chains in a PDB file with two chains

Harinathachari Bahudhanapati hbahudha at fau.edu
Sat May 10 10:27:39 PDT 2008

Hi Elaine, 
               Thanks for all the answers you give to our questions. 
They are very helpful as I learn more everyday. I have a question. 

Is there anyway to rename a chain in a PDB file through the GUI? I have 
a few PATCHDOCK generated PDB files with two different chains named 
under  Chain 'A' as #0.1 and #0.2. When I try to get the list of 
hydrogen bonds between these two chains, the chain name 'A'  appears 
for all of the h-bonding pairs. So, I want to have them named Chain A 
and Chain B for easier analysis than scratching my head figuring out 
which h-bond pair is between the chains or with in the chain. I am 
attaching the pdb file. Please help me.

(I thought of renaming the chains in the PDB file going through the PDB 
header (text file) and manually changing the name. But I am not a 
expert if anything goes wrong.)


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