[Chimera-users] Dashed H-bond

Ibrahim Moustafa I.moustafa at psu.edu
Fri May 9 08:58:06 PDT 2008

    Dear Chimera Team,

  Few weeks ago I asked about how to make H-bonds with dashed line style, I
got your great help in that.

 So, I can make the H-bond with the color and style I want; however, when
saving the image (with POV true)

I got the H-bond appeared with the new chosen color but not as dashed line
shown in the display.

 But, if I save the image with POVray option false, I got the same style
shown in the display (new color and dashed line).

  The question is why saving the image using ³POV true² does not give the
image as it appears in the display? Again, it accepts the new color but not
the dashed style.

  Thanks for your great help,


Ibrahim M. Moustafa, Ph.D.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dept.
201 Althouse Lab., University Park,
Pennsylvania State University
PA 16802

Tel. (814) 863-8703
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