[Chimera-users] BILD object question

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Mar 21 14:47:04 PDT 2008

Hi Jeff,
	The Axis class in share/StructMeasure/Axes.py does this since it  
builds its axes depictions using BILD objects.  Basically, it uses a  
StringIO object to emulate a file that it can then hand off to  
chimera.openModels.open().  Here is the pertinent code:

                 from StringIO import StringIO
                 if isinstance(color, basestring):
                         colorPart = ".color " + color
                         if hasattr(color, "rgba"):
                                 rgb = color.rgba()[:3]
                                 rgb = color[:3]
                         colorPart = ".color %g %g %g" % tuple(rgb)
                 end1 = center + vec * ext1
                 end2 = center + vec * ext2
                 bild = StringIO("%s\n.cylinder %g %g %g %g %g %g %g\n"
                                 % (colorPart, end1[0], end1[1], end1 
                                 end2[0], end2[1], end2[2], radius))
                 self.model = chimera.openModels.open(bild, type="Bild",
                                 sameAs=sameAs, hidden=True,  
		# allow balloon help to give informative string...
                 self.model.oslIdent = lambda *args: self.name


On Mar 20, 2008, at 12:59 PM, William Jeffrey Triffo wrote:

> hello,
> I have been writing simple .bild files for BILD objects (arrows,
> spheres) that I then load into Chimera.
> what would the commands be in a python script to generate a BILD model
> within the current session, so that I don't have to keep hand-writing
> and re-loading the .bild file (the contents of the .bild file are  
> often
> outputted coordinates from such a script, that I then copy into a text
> file and load)?
> thanks,
> -Jeff
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