[Chimera-users] preferences - povray - keep input files doesn't

Klaas Decanniere Klaas.Decanniere at pandora.be
Sat Mar 15 08:01:53 PDT 2008

For at least some versions of Chimera, the "keep pov-ray input files" 
option in the Favorites - Preferences- Pov-ray tab does not work ( .pov 
files are deleted after rendering during animation)

This is true e.g for build 2491 2008/02/11 (Platform: linux2 windowing 
system x11).

Is there a way to force this option? I would like to do some post 
processing on the .pov files before rendering.
An option to generate an animation series .pov files without doing the 
actual rendering would be even better - how can I do that?

Thanks for the help and kind regards,

Klaas Decanniere

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