[Chimera-users] scens/movies rendered with povray

Klaas Decanniere Klaas.Decanniere at pandora.be
Mon Mar 3 12:10:53 PST 2008


The option to make movies using povray works nice and easy, so I want to 
push the boundaries a bit :-)

- the standard texture included in the .pov files has a very simple 
finish - is there an easy way to include a spiced-up version?
- when not using a "wait" command, several movements (roll, move, scale) 
are combined. When using the wait command, movements become separated 
with a small "hesitation" before the second movement starts. Is there a 
way to minimize this hesitation?



P.S.: if you know why powerpoint would play a movie fine 3 or 4 times in 
a row and then fail after that (nothing else changes, except maybe 
time), please let me know.

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