[Chimera-users] vista chimera 1.2540 R6025-pure virtual function call error when opening pdb or mrc file

Nils Woetzel nilswoetzel at web.de
Thu Jul 17 18:21:51 PDT 2008


I have problems with chimera 1.2540 win32 and 1.2539 win32.
it is working in version: 1.2524 win32

I installed it an windows vista business sp1.
I have also installed visual studio 2008 (9.0).
When I try to open either pdb or an mrc file I get the same error window:
Title: Microsoft visual c++ runtime library
text: Runtimje Error!
Program: C:\Program Files\chimera\bin\pythonw.exe
R6025-pure virtual function call.

the debug command line option just brings:
initializing graphics
create application
loading Tix
loading Pmw
creating main window
creating menus
creating toolbar
creating lenses
initializing OpenGL
initializing preferences
initializing dialogs
initializing COM
initializing extensions
Return code: 255
Press return or enter to to exit

i try to open the pdb file (different files) before the return code: 255

I am not sure if the error actually comes from python.exe - but i
could not find anything when searching for it.
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/125749 explains the error, but i am
not sure how to debug python code

Is there a problem with that version of python or chimera with a
visual studio installation or this runtime library error appearing
independently of having visual studio installed or not.
But the older release is working just fine: 1.2524 win32
so some new feature in chimera probably causes the error and might
only show up in my environment?!

Nils Woetzel
Vanderbilt University

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