[Chimera-users] Raytracing

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Feb 19 14:09:44 PST 2008

There is a bug in raytracing when clipping and capping surfaces.  It 
also occurs when clipping multiple surfaces without capping (e.g. two 
contour levels of a volume).  I've entered it in the Chimera bug 
database, but 5309.


There's no way to work around it short of hand-editing the povray input 
file Chimera produces.  A viable alternative to raytracing is to use 
silhouette edges (Tools / Viewing Controls / Effects) to put black edges 
around surfaces with a light color background.  I use edge width 2 or 3 
and supersampled image saving (3x3) and generally prefer the appearance 
to (working) raytracing.


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