[Chimera-users] Chimera user, about 'turn' command

Aguang Dai ad07j at fsu.edu
Tue Feb 12 21:35:51 PST 2008

Dear Mr./Ms.

I'm a Chimera user in FSU. I would like to use Chimera to build some models.

I used 'turn' command to rotate the model around the z axis. The command and option was: turn z 27.6923.
The model is from a PDB file. But the result was that it should have be, not what I wanted.
The atoms should be always in the circle centered in the Z axis, respectively.

So my question is:
When Chimera open a PDB file recording a protein structure, whether the coordinate axis is exactly the same as that in the PDB file?
Thank you for your information in advance.


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