[Chimera-users] save volume histogram transfer function

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Feb 14 10:39:54 PST 2008

Hi Jeff,

  Unfortunately the Chimera volume dialog won't tell you the exact 
height of the nodes on the histogram.  I'll add that to the requested 
features list.  Attached is a script that will print those values for 
the active volume in a format that can be used on other volumes with the 
"volume" command.

    File/Open tfunc.py, reply log shows:

       level -6.92021e-16,0 level 0.391341,0.99 level 0.581401,1

    Command to use these levels on volume with id 3:
        volume #3 level -6.92021e-16,0 level 0.391341,0.99 level 0.581401,1

or on volumes 4 through 8:

        volume #4-8 level -6.92021e-16,0 level 0.391341,0.99 level 

The pairs of numbers are data value and "brightness" (= height on 
histogram, range 0-1).  The numbers also appear in Chimera session files 
-- search for "solid_levels" to find them.  Lastly, the heights of the 
intial 3 nodes are always 0, 0.99, and 1.0.


Jeff wrote:
> hello,
> is there a way for me to save the histogram transfer function that is 
> displayed in Volume Viewer? I see that I can write down where the nodes 
> are placed as these values appear in the "Level" dialog, but do not see 
> a place to input magnitude (or write it down) of each node on the line. 
> Ideally, I would just like to save it out, to apply the identical 
> transform to multiple segmented areas of a volume.
> thanks,
> -jeff
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